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Shooting in 360 HDR
Human eye’s contrast range is unrivaled when it comes to photography, white balance and contrast range. With the right technology and careful measurement at each shooting session, we can now recreate the same sense as it would be to actually be there. To accomplish this, we shoot in HDR (High Dynamic Range).  Each photo panorama consists of 72 exposures which allows us to work out an image with a feel and quality that leaves nothing to be desired.

Visualize the reality
HDR enables us to show your environment as the eye sees it – the same sharpness, color and contrast range.   We are sure that you put the commitment in your business to create an extraordinary experience for your visitors. For us, it is obvious – you want to show what is unique about you and attract new customers from near and far. Commitment is the key word to describe how we work out your panoramic images. We make sure that this will be reflected in our photography.  Our team can boast selected professional photographers who, with their knowledge, can give that little extra and make sure that photography creates the best atmosphere.

Shooting at the right moment and light
We plan each shooting session carefully taking into consideration the most favourable light to show your environment at its best: does the light fit the photograph, such as entrance or restaurant with panoramic windows in the dusk or dawn or does it fit the best with the sun shining through your window?   What if you want to show the snow that has just fallen? We look at the date, weather and compass to determine when shooting fits best.

Responsive tours that are tailored to all platforms
Our system knows what you have in your hand and sends optimized and custom file sizes to your device. This means that the images shown on a smartphone are of smaller size than those which show up on a tablet or laptop. Besides giving excellent image quality regardless of the screen size, it also provides fast downloads.

We make sure that your production looks good on all devices:
• Regardless of the screen size.
• If you are on a Mac or PC.
• Regardless of the browser.
• It works smoothly on smartphone/ tablet.

When your production is in place, we add a Google Analytics where you can easily see how many people are visiting your site and from where.

We have chosen to make it easy and secure. We are responsible that the tour is technically in place. Our solutions include the hosting on our fast servers, operation control in the first year. After the first year, we have preferential rates on further hosting or, alternatively, you can choose to host it on your own.

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