Already in the standard version, we include the features we believe are necessary to create the best experience for your visitors and then we have added a few more…
In a virtual tour we can add further functionality, just like in a website, to enhance the experience of a virtual tour. 

Features that are included as standard.

Responsive design
At delivery our Virtual Tours  or a standalone panorama fully compatible with all new and older platforms that either supports Flash and / or HTML5 and CSS3, and JavaScript.
These features are standard in any modern browser. No plug or additional installations required for our products run perfectly.

We integrate Google Analytics. You can easily see how long your customers stay on your Virtual Tour.

We prefer to take care of everything on our own servers. It makes it easier for you. We have full control of the operation and can easily update the files when needed.
We want everything to work perfectly. Of course, if you like, it can run from your servers as well.

Custom color and adjusted navigation for your company profile and website.

Social channels
We connect your visualization to your social channels – easy to share.

Optional – expand your visitor’s experience

Plan/ Sketch with navigation
Ideal for conference facilities or as here in our demo for walking between rooms in a apartment.
(click “Plan” tab inside tour to open the Plan)


View example with plan over an CGI apartment
(opens in a new window).

Video inside 360 panorama
Add even more feeling to your Virtual tour by adding a implemented video
inside a existing 360 image. For example clouds passing by a window or an sparkling  fireplace in a lobby with added sound.


View example with implemented video
(opens in a new window).

Image Gallery
A good way to further create a wider feeling  of a environment  is a photo gallery.
Images are of course made for bot retina screens and screens with normal resolution.

Image gallery

View example image gallery
(opens in a new window).

Google Maps/ Bing maps with navigation
Let people navigate  view and find the way around your facilities from a birds view or show your best views, walks around your place.
(click “Map” tab inside tour to open the map)

View example with Bing Maps   (opens in a new window).

View example with Bing Maps
(opens in a new window).

Besides standard navigating through 360 environments  with navigation hotspots and thumbnails we use the so-called hotspots. Add any function in the same way as when you click on an image or link on a website.
Take the visitor directly to the reservation, online store, show a gallery, this week’s menu, video or share with your social channels.

Still images
Need to update your still images? When we are there we can take care of it too. Our photographers are professionals and delivers just exactly what you want.

We also make presentation videos for inclusion on your existing website. Of course, it is good to integrate the moving image / video in a 360 panorama.

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