Skansen – Perfect Painting

How can an apartment look before and after renovation?

Perfekt Måleri (“Perfect Painting”) took the decision to give its upcoming and existing customers the chance to see how a recondition-project of an apartment might look like before and after renovation. Perfekt Måleri, among other things, created space for new windows, lowered ceilings, laid new wiring, made a new bath and moved the kitchen.
When the apartment was emptied, Viewit360 came and photographed, and then it was ready-photographed again.
Visit the apartment from your PC, tablet or smartphone.

Features of this virtual tour:
– Plan with navigation
– Information about the project
– Image Gallery
– Architectural view mode
– Intro Scene
– Hosting
– Statistics
View “Skansen, Gothenburg” 360°

We wanted to show our skill of restyling interiors by showing how an apartment looks like before and after renovation. The results speak for themselves. We also see that we love to share the tour and we like that.  Mats Sondell – Perfekt Måleri

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